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 The Rules

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Lsu Tiger
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PostSubject: The Rules   Sat Feb 03, 2007 5:20 pm

Common sense is the guiding principle behind this forum, if you think something you are typing is going to be rude, upsetting, racist, imflammatory, destructive, offensive, etc. then DON'T post it.

We, the Staff, have assimilated a set of rules that we want you all to make sure you follow and understand BEFORE you start posting. Please take note that ignorance of these rules will NOT be tolerated. We have these here to keep order and so we can all have fun and get along.

General Rules

1. Act your age
Keep your posts no higher than what you'd see on primetime television. If you are unsure if what you are about to post is acceptable, then don't post it. If you post something that YOU think is apropriate but someone else doesn't like it, then we will simply remove it. If you post something inapropriate and an admin feels it was not an accident, we will delete your post and you will get 1 warning.

2. Do not swear/cuss in your posts.
We do not want to see any form of profanity here at all. This includes putting the first letter of the word and *** after it, or putting random symbols(ex. @?!@!). There is absolutely NO reason at all why you should be allowed to swear, please keep it off of this forum, thank you. If you should happen to swear/cuss, an admin will look at it, and asess the damage. If the admin feels that it is not an acident, the user will get 2 warnings, and his post will be deleted.

(added by mungoz)3.Dont double/triple/quadruple post.
Unless you have a good reason for it dont double post just edit your origanal post.

4. Do not spam.
This is a simple rule, and this is also the rule we most strictly enforce. Before you post ask yourself "Is my post contributing to the converstaion or thread in any way?" If they answer is NO, then do not post. Only post when you have something to say.

Posting to increase your post count will get you a ban, and we will reduce your post count by HALF, regardless of who you are, or how many posts you have. This action will be decided by an admin. If you spam, you get a warning for every time you do, and all your spam posts get deleted.

5. Posting links in every topic is irritating to other users.
You can discuss your opinions on other websites in the advertising forum, but do not post links in every post you make. We're here to talk and chat, not to look at other websites. If you have a website, that's great! You can advertise in your avatar, signature, profile, and the advertising forum.
If you advertise in an inappropriate place, your post will be edited, and you will get a warning every time you do.

6. No personal attacks on other users. (or Staff for that matter)
You are here because you are a mature individual. We should not have to see any flamewars or problems, but they do arise. Do not flame and troll users. This includes purposely posting in other forums with the intent to cause trouble and irritate others. If we catch you doing this, this will be an instant ban. An admin will decide for how long. In some cases this will result in a perma-ban.

Attacking websites that are owned by staff on this forum is also considered attacking Staff. This will also be an instant ban. An admin will decide for how long.

8. Do not bump topics.
"Bumping" is defined as posting in a thread that is no longer active. If you have something that really is worthwhile and contributes to the thread then by all means post! If you're posting just to say "lol that wuz kool" in a 1 year old thread, then you're going to get yourself into trouble. This will result in 2 warnings.

9. Advertising.
If you have a website, that's fine. You can put a link in your signature, avatar, profile and in the advertising thread. Do not start new threads or posts advertising your website in every post you make. Repeat offenders will be banned.

This forum is made to talk about the Shy Guy Game. If you wish to talk about something else, post it in the appropriate thread. If it is not, you will get a warning everytime you advertise.

Signature Rules
Miniclip's signature system lets you upload an image to use. It cannot be larger than 500 x 100 and 40 KB. If it is, then the forum will give you an error and you will have to resize it. Signatures follow the same rules as the forum, and if someone finds your signature offensive, we will remove it. Users that have their signatures removed constantly lose their privileges.

Avatar Rules
Miniclip's avatar system lets you upload an image to use. It cannot be larger than 180 x 180 and 19.5 KB. If it is, then the forum will give you an error and you will have to resize it. Avatars follow the same rules as the forum, and if someone finds your avatar offensive, we will remove it. Users that have their avatar removed constantly will be put into the Naughty Boy group and lose their privileges.

In closing...
Anyone found abusing these guidelines (or common sense & good manners) will find their posts or threads containing them deleted and will be punished.

If everyone is polite and courteous we can all enjoy this forum. We don't want to have to put up rules, as we are all old enough to get along nicely, but sadly we do.

All in all, this forum is somewhere for people to meet and get to know other users, whilst chatting about the Shy Guy Game, and enjoying themselves.


-Shy Guy Staff
(these rules were based on the miniclip forum rules)

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The Rules
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