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Lsu Tiger
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PostSubject: News   Sat Feb 03, 2007 5:33 pm

This is a thread I made for the current news for the Shy Guy Game.
I will try to keep it updated.

January 23, 2007---Icemanrobot made a post on Penguin Nation's forum stating that he was going to make a Shy Guy Game.

Febuary 2, 2007---Nonexistant2 came up with a beta version of the Winter Land

Febuary 2, 2007---Lsu Tiger made the Shy Guy Game forum

Fubuary 5, 2007---Nonexistant2 has delayed the release date of Version 1.0 to the 12th

Febuary 12, 2007---Nonexistant2 released Version 1.0
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